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Rocket Affirmations

According to the National Science Foundation, 80% of our internal thoughts are negative. At St. Ray’s, we want to change that narrative for our students so they grow up with the confidence to be themselves and make positive and lasting change in the world. How a child sees themselves – their self-worth – impacts everything, from relationships to learning to decision-making and more. 

This year we are introducing positive affirmations: personal statements used to challenge negative thoughts and promote positive and healthy thinking. By guiding our students to affirm their talents, abilities and gifts through their own internal voice (rather than listening to the external voices of others), we are giving them the skills they need to navigate challenges and be their best selves.

Because our Rockets are smart, are blessed and are able to do anything. We just want to make sure they know it, too. Check out our video to see our Rocket Affirmations in action!

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