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Student Council Help Line

In surveying our school families over the first weeks of at-home learning, we discovered the challenges that some families were facing.  Some families work in an essential field finding it hard to work one-on-one with their child/ren.  Others were finding it challenging because there were multiple children in the family who need one-on-one attention.  Ms. Hill presented student council with the idea of offering a help line.  They enthusiastically stepped up with their big hearts to offer one-on-one weekly, and in some cases twice a week, tutoring sessions.  As we ended at-home learning, one of the recipients of the tutoring asked to have a final Zoom session with his student council pair.  He wanted to share, “I don’t have anything to work on.  I’m all caught up with my missing assignments, but I just wanted to you to know that these meetings really helped me and thank you!” 

What an incredible gift our student council provided our students during these challenging times! 

Thank you to Mrs. Buza, our PE teacher, who coordinated the meetings between students. 

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