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Year of Excellence

We, at St. Raymond School, know students can achieve their full potential when they feel safe, supported and valued. It is for this reason our number one priority is to establish a culture of JOY. To help achieve this culture, we embrace four core values– Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence. We believe when each of these values is lived with purpose and in abundance, joy is a natural off spring. Each academic school year, we will use one of our core values as the theme for the year.

For the 2019-2020 school year our focus is on our core value of excellence. Excellence begins with purpose. It is for this very reason we asked every student in our school to write a why statement. Why are you here at St. Raymond? Why are you here on Earth? What kind of person has God called you to be? Here is what some of our students wrote (pulled from our kindergarten -2nd grade students):

I am at this school to make me smart at math.
God made me to be someone who makes people laugh.
I come to school because I need to get smarter. If I did not go to school I would not know anything like what a tape diagram is or how to do science. I want to be an inventor!
I am here to be a kind a person.
I am at St. Raymond to love God.

These statements beautifully reflect the most important work we do here at St. Raymond School.

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