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Mission + Values

Our Mission

At the Cathedral of St. Raymond School, we uniquely challenge every student with an education of unparalleled quality, but more importantly, we teach children to be kind, compassionate, and to share Christ’s love with the world.

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Core Values

Our core values, together with our mission and philosophy, form the culture that guide us in our daily practices. They shape our students to live a principle-centered life; a life that shares Christ’s light and love with the world.

These core values shape us to be God-centered people:

Respect: We recognize the dignity of all people and things.
Integrity: We do what is right and courageous.
Service: We give selflessly to the world.
Excellence: We commit to hard work and strive to go further.

Belief Statements

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Joy of Faith

  • We believe that our greatest mission is to communicate and live the gospel message of Jesus.
  • We believe that each person is a child of God and deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • We believe that to serve others is to serve God. We challenge our students to help those in need through charity, prayer and service.
  • We believe the values we teach are not only character development, but a call to Holiness.
  • We believe that a quality and rigorous Catholic education teaches the whole child: spiritually, emotionally, academically, and socially.

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Rigor of Excellence

  • We believe in upholding high standards and expectations, challenging each student and teacher to reach his or her potential.
  • We believe learning should be active, full of critical and creative ways of thinking.
  • We believe our student’s character, who they are in the world, matters as much as their academics.
  • We believe success in life extends beyond academic achievement.  Equally important is the development of skills such as empathy, problem solving, responsible decision making and emotion management.
  • We believe optimal learning is enhanced when students’ developmental stages guide and direct teaching techniques and methodology.
  • We believe in continuous improvement through research, ongoing education, and implementation of best practices.

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Gift of Community

  • We believe that children flourish in an atmosphere of care, support and respect.
  • We believe that exploring and celebrating diversity enriches the heart and mind and prepares us to feel compassion, solidarity, and the desire to work for a just world.
  • We believe positive and integrated relationships with families are crucial, and plentiful opportunities for collaboration are essential.
  • We believe teachers, administrators, parents, our parish and the community share the responsibility for advancing our school’s mission.