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Meeting Individual Needs

Meeting Individual Needs

Every student is a child of God and is deserving of an opportunity of the best Catholic education possible.  Our mission calls us to uniquely challenge every student, from those academically gifted to those who need extra support.  St. Raymond School offers several levels of support to achieve the goal of having every student reach their fullest academic and social/emotional potential. 


Students identified as high level learners by using standardized testing, teacher recommendation and classroom performance, are included in our Enrichment Program.  Focused on math and reading, our enrichment teacher pushes into the classrooms and extends the general curriculum to meet the unique needs of these high-level learners, as well as pull them out for small group work.

For more information on these services, contact St. Ray’s enrichment teacher, Julie Vitas at jvitas@csrn.org.


St. Ray’s partners with Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Joliet to provide a social worker to meet the social/emotional needs of our students.  Counseling services consist of the following:

For more information on our counseling services, contact St. Ray’s social worker, Andy Fisher at afisher@cc-doj.org

Academic Intervention

St. Ray’s employees a full time academic counselor who is skilled and experienced in providing learning strategies to students who are currently performing either slightly below, or well below grade level expectations in a specific subject.  The academic counselor provides strategic support to help students meet grade level standards in reading, math or executive functioning.

The academic counselor works one-on-one with students or in small groups, both in and outside the classroom, to give students support that meets their individual needs.  She also works closely with classroom teachers to either assist with, or model, ways to adjust the content, process, and products of their lessons, to help all students achieve success.

For more information on these services, contact St. Ray’s academic counselor, Leanne Buhr at lbuhr @csrn.org.

Special Education Services

Despite our best attempts to provide students with interventions and accommodations, some students need a bit more support than we can provide.  Under the federal law of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) parents can request a formal evaluation of their child.  Through a special education referral process students may qualify for additional support from a District 86 special education teacher on-site at St. Raymond.

The results of the special education evaluation may illuminate needs that are beyond what St. Raymond School can offer.  We discern this with each family on an individual basis, always putting the needs of students first.

For more information on special education services, please contact Leanne Buhr at lbuhr@csrn.org.  She coordinates all students from St. Raymond who have a designated IEP from the public school.

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